Recc Roundup 07/08/19-07/14/19

  • Reading (books)
    • American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us to Love Bananas, Spam, and Jell-O, by Christina Ward
      • If you are into the weird terrifying things that were considered recipes back when jello molds and mayonnaise were going to win the Cold War (examples here) this is a fascinating book of photos from said advertising cookbooks (so, not just recipes, but recipes using specific products being advertised through the cookbook) with some historical context blurbs that I really could have used more of.
    • How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States, by Daniel Immerwahr
      • About America’s imperialist history, as stated. Also full of cutesy little asides about like, “And because of America doing x, a young boy who would grow up to be [historical figure of some note] did y… wow everything is connected.” That’s fun.
  • Reading (articles) – Not gonna lie, this is mostly going to be comprised of Longreads picks but here you go:
    • How the All-American Motel Became a Last Resort for the Country’s Most Vulnerable, by Andrew Fiouzi (MEL Magazine; July 2019)
      • It’s basically what you think it is–millennials like the aesthetic but don’t actually go there (I mean. Not wrong, in my personal experience of myself), other people are pushed there due to housing scarcity, domestic violence, the precarious position of sex workers, etc.
    • The Nonprofit Hospital That Makes Millions, Owns a Collection Agency and Relentlessly Sues the Poor, by Wendi C. Thomas (ProPublica; June 27, 2019)
      • Our healthcare system… it’s not great!
      • Ok but actually the whole part about the debt collection/legal system side of it is a great followup to me ranting about my job to you, the reader, of this blog, who I am sure I have done this to as there is a 0% chance someone reading these words has not heard me go off about how much I hate debt court.
    • The No. 1 LadiesDefrauding Agency, by Rose Eveleth (Longreads; July 2019)
      • Women invented the Ponzi Scheme in the 1800s, financial scams are a feminist act, girl power~
      • (No but actually it’s a fun read for people who are riding that wave of scammer tales.)
  • Listening
    • The Red Wall Podcast – In their own description, it’s “[y]our best and only leftist podcast for Brian Jacques’s “Redwall” series” and that’s going to either be incredibly your jam or it’s not but here you go.
  • Watching
    • …it’s really mostly still reality TV that I’m not recommending you poison your brain with, folks, don’t do it, it’s real bad.
  • Errata – Apparently the Trader Joe’s ube ice cream I recommended in my last post is facing shortages and won’t be back until the end of July and let me tell you, I am deep in the TJ’s fandom now, my friends, in that a) I managed to catch it before it sold out and b) I know this information. Send a fucking intervention now.

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