Real political hours here tonight

I read Plutopia, about semi-secret towns built around nuclear plants during the Cold War nuclear arms race era, a while back and I still think about how it describes the people living in the town as being these very staunch anti-communist, patriotic Americans who, you know, are 1950s middle-class suburbanites working effectively for the government so they’re very much against government handouts or interference, because that’s what the Soviets do, but their entire existence is literally at the whim of the government choosing to have this nuclear program, the government owned their houses that they had to rent (and, actually, they were super against a proposal to buy their houses from the government, because they knew that once the nuclear program was shut down, they were screwed, so they preferred this arrangement to ~real American homeownership), their local government was basically controlled by reps from the private companies the government contracted with for making nuclear weapons, their local newspaper was also created by company reps, etc. Like. We truly do contain multitudes.

And this reminds me of a comment I heard about how the modern suburbs are a space very much shaped by government involvement in people’s lives, very much deliberately created by government intervention, but are full of people who ascribe to a hands-off “freedom-from” view of freedom, where the government doesn’t interfere in your life. I truly don’t know what my take-away from this is, like, sure, people are hypocrites sometimes, wild takes here, but it sure is a type.

2 thoughts on “Real political hours here tonight”

  1. I realize this is like – the inverse of those cishet white dudes who get very, “bigotry isnt real it’s all class” but I also have an extremely half baked theory that the fact that it’s all military puts it in a different gendered class for people? like – this isnt the nanny state making effete weaklings, it’s the masculine powerful weapons industry!!!! etc

    1. Oh for sure, that’s a good point, like see also “conservatives wouldn’t dare cut the military budget but also oh no we gotta balance that budget and defund the things we don’t like”

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